Know DVS 6901 Set Top Box Price and Specifications

 It is a free-to-air Satellite Receiver. Get the freedom of choosing only the channels that you like to watch. This receiver comes with a Universal remote. Watch TV in HD quality video and sound Experience great picture quality, vivid colors, sharper images, and stunning surround sound when viewing your favorite channels. This set-top box comes with MPEG-4 for decoding for gaining access to FTA satellite TV channels.

DVS 6901 Set Top Box Body and Size -

DVS 6901 Set Top Box comes with a very light body, 6 buttons available on panel, two USB ports, one HDMI Port, and coaxial connection.

You can check the below image to see all the panel options.

Know DVS 6901 Set Top Box Price and Specifications

DVS 6901 Set Top Box Motherboard and Power -

This box not supported a 12V adapter, hence it is not able to power on by using a 12V battery. DVS 6901 Set Top Box is using a very small motherboard which is inbuilt with the power-circuit. So it means in case of repair, you have to send a complete box to the company. we will post the picture of the motherboard here.

Set-Top Box Technical Specification: -

Support Wi-Fi Adapter by USB ports

Support External Pan drive by USB ports

Fully compliant with DVB-S2 Reception standards

HDTV/SDTV MPEG -2 & MPEG-4 H.264 Decoding

Support 576i /576p/720p/1080p FullHD Reception

Convenient Blind search function 

Intelligent graphical user interface design

Capacity for storing up to 2000 Transponders and 5000 channels

Support DVB-S/S2 Digital TV signal modulated in QPSK/8PSK

Input Frequency range 950MHz-2150MHz.

Support DiSEqc1.0/DisEqc1.1/DiSEqc1.2/DiSC 1.3.

Reception for SCPC/MCPC, C+KU Band

Channel edits function including favorite Move. Delete Lock. Skip.Rename

Variable aspect ratio 4:3 Full, 16:9 widescreen .4:3 Letterbox or AUTO Modes

USB 2.0 port at front and back

Support USB 2.0 and OTA Software upgrade

DVS 6901 Set Top Box pros and cons -

pros -
  • This is the MPEG-4 / HD Set-Top box that can receive DD Free dish MPEG-4 TV channels.
  • This DVS 6901 Set Top Box comes with two USB ports, so you can use one port for USB recording and the other port for an external wifi antenna for network connectivity.
  • This DVS 6901 Set Top Box comes with an HDMI port, so you can connect your LED / LCD TV for better picture quality.
  • DVS 6901 Set Top Box prices are very low as compare to other MPEG-4 / HD Set-Top boxes available in the market.

Cons -
  1. DVS 6901 Set Top Box has a very small motherboard, it looks like use and throws box.
  2. DVS 6901 Set Top Box motherboard does not have a satellite tuner, it totally works on software IC.
  3. There are lots of enhancement hardware not available, hardware facility built-in software.
  4. The blind scan is very slow.

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