Which is the best free-to-air MPEG-4 HD Set-Top Box?

There are lots of set-top boxes available in the market. But here we have reviewed and checked the best set-top boxes for you.

There are lots of videos on Youtube that claim that they have the best set-top box in hand. But here we are giving you some special checkpoints so that you can check or ask before purchasing from a dealer or shopkeeper.

How to choose a good FTA Set-Top Box?

First Check your TV Type -

Before purchasing a free-to-air Set-Top Box, you should check that which type of Television set you have.


It is an old Television set if you have this type of TV set, then you can go ahead with any type of MPEG-4 Set-Top box available in your market.

It will increase MPEG-4 FTA channels, as well as it will record and play live TV on your USB external pen drive.


If you have already upgraded your Television set, then you should check the set-top box carefully before purchasing it.

Because if you will purchase cheap or low cost or unbranded set-top box then you will compromise with picture quality, sound quality, and Internet-related features.

Now we will see some Important checkpoints -

Latest satellite Technology -

Your box should support the latest digital video broadcasting technology like DVB-S / DVB-S2 and DVB-S2.

Latest Decoding Technology -

Your set-Top box should support the latest audio and video decoding facility like H.264 / H.265 and HEVC.

Mobile Casting Feature -

It is a trending feature which available in branded set-top boxes mostly. You can watch mobile videos directly on TV by connecting your Set-Top box and Mobile by using Hotspot.

You can also play mobile offline movies and videos which do not require an active internet connection.

SATIP Feature -

This is also a very good feature. For example, If don't want to start TV then you can just switch on your set-top box and watch Set-Top Box live TV channels directly on your mobile by installing the VLC application.

This feature also does not require an active internet connection but connectivity should be there by using a hotspot.

Live TV Recording -

It is a basic feature that is available in almost all set-top boxes. but still don't forget to check.

YouTube Application -

You should check that YouTube application is working or not. Lots of manufacturers including the YouTube application with Set-Top Box but that is not working.

Digital TV-

You Should also check that Digital TV is inbuilt. Because during the rainy season you can watch Freeview TV channels using Yagi Antenna.

Streaming Player -

Most of the set-top boxes providing this feature. You can add live streaming links for watching anytime by using your remote.

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