Solid S2+Android P231 Amlogic S905D TV Box ROM Software Upgrade

This special page of Solid AHDS2-1020 DVBS2+Android Hybrid free-to-air Set-Top Box upgrades firmware and software. This Solid AHDS2-1020 DVBS2+Android Hybrid has an Android 7.1.2 operating system based on Amlogic S905D_QM p231. S905D is the only Chipset available with an internal DVB Tuner with 4k HDR and 100MBit. It is India's only Quad-core 64-bit Amlogic S905D 1GB+8GB H.265 Android 7.1.2 TV Box with satellite tuner.

It is a Best Android Satellite Receiver in 2021. This best satellite receiver also supports 4k YouTube videos.

So you can enjoy DD Free dish TV channels including premium OTT content based on your subscription.

About Android DVB TV Box -

This Solid AHDS2-1020 P231 S905D Smart TV Box is designed to deliver immersive theatre-level home entertainment to users with excellent audio and video processing capabilities.

If you have a Solid AHDS2-1020 DVBS2+Android Android TV box-based Amlogic S905D chipset, then you should bookmark this page to get updated firmware updates and Android TV box apps. We first test the application in this box, then we update download links here.

We will also upload here official ROM/firmware so whenever your box is dead then you can upgrade it by putting it on a USB drive. We will let you know all the processes on this page, as we called it is a special page for AHDS2-1020 DVBS2+Android Hybrid satellite media box receiver.

Solid S2+Android P231 Amlogic S905D Hybrid Satellite+Android TV Box ROM Software Upgrade

Specification -

  • Android Os Version 7.1.2
  • CPU: Quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53
  • GPU: ARM Mali-450
  • Demodulation: DVB-S/DVB-S2/S2X 
  • System standard: ETSIEN 302 755
  • Demodulation: QPSK/8PSK
  • Mode: Free-To-Air TV Channels
  • Input Frange range:950-2150MHz
  • Video Processing: UHD 4K 60fps HW decoding
  • Supports multiple formats including H.265/VP9 10-bit
  • H.264 and AVS+ HDR10 and HLG HDR processing FHD 1080p 60fps HW encoding, support H.264.
  • Video Interface: HDMI 2.0, S/P DIF output
  • Audio Interface: S/PDIF and Stereo AV output
  • Ethernet: 10/100M MAC+PHY
  • USB: 2 X USB 2.0 Embedded two Host

Can I upgrade my Android version on my android box?

Here you can check Solid AHDS2-1020 DVB-S2+Android P231 Amlogic S905D Hybrid TV Box Software/Firmware Upgrade. It is an official ROM. You need to follow a few steps to upgrade this software. 

You can check these snapshots that we have installed all the famous and best android applications in my box.

Can I upgrade my Android version on my android box?

Can I upgrade my new Android version on my android box?

How do I upgrade my Android TV Box OS?

Download Android TV 7.1.2 DVB box ROM -

Here is information about this P231 Amlogic S905D_QM ROM Backup -

Build - p231-user bug.7.1.2 NHG47L20190828 test keys 

Kernel version - 3.14.29 Device Name - p231

Download Android AHDS2-1020 Official ROM - p231-ota-20190827_7S0099

Flash Android TV box with USB -

You can download this official ROM in your Pendrive and It is an official android 7.1.2 image about 599MB large. Now plug in your pen drive with your android TV media player. Put a pin in the AV port to push an internal button till your box show the Boot Recovery option. Now you can see the given options.

Install Latest Android Applications

After installing this new flash in your box, now you can install new android TV box apps or Android Media player OTT applications to enjoy android IPTV and OTT content with satellite free TV channels. These applications will not be available in your play store due to compatibility problems. But don't worry. We will continuously update these applications so you can visit them every 15 days to upgrade your applications. These applications are backed up from other android devices for your convenience.

If you have Smart TV then you can also upgrade your Smart TV android applications, Just download and install.

We have an updated list of Android Smart TV applications that can be downloaded from here. These applications are tested in Solid AHDS2-1020, MXQ PRO Android TV Box. We have also tested in LG Android Smart TV.

  FAQs -

Can I upgrade my new Android version on my android box?

No, you should not upgrade the android version in this box, because Android 7.1.2 is not too old. It is compatible with 99.99% of android TV applications.

How do I upgrade my Android TV Box OS?

If you want to recover your Solid p231 Box then you can follow this recovery to install fresh official ROM on your box.

How do I update my amlogic firmware?

Solid AHDS2-1020 box already has Amlogic S905D_QM p231 firmware in the box. It is a number android+S2 combo hybrid TV box including a satellite DVB tuner.

Can you install new apps on a smart TV?

Yes, you can install a new application in your Android Smart TV or Any Android Box including this Solid AHDS2-1020 TV Box. 

First, you need to update Google Play Service and Play Store then you can update and add other android apps to your TV.

Why can't I download apps on my Smart TV?

If you are finding upgrades in the play store, and it is not searching anything it means your Smart TV or Android box has an unofficial android version, which is called the uncertified version of android.

These androids are not safe to share your personal email Id, just create any other email ID to use with your unofficial version of Android smart TV and Android Box.

And you have to find its updated application from google search, just download and save it to pen drive and install them.

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