How do I connect my SD set-top box to my LED TV?

 To connect an SD Set-Top box to an LED TV, you'll need to connect it to Audio Video (RCA). Because most SD set-top boxes do not have an HDMI port. And most set-top boxes do not even have a digital output but will get SPDIF compared to HDMI. So you take the AV cable and connect the TV from your box.

How do I connect my SD set-top box to my LED TV?
Note - There may be different AV ports in your TV, Just match and connect RCA color codes.

Connect the yellow to yellow and red to red and white to white connectors of the set-top box to the yellow connector that is for the video.

How to connect -

Plug the red, white, and yellow audio video cables into the matching AV output jacks on the rear part of the set-top box that you would like to connect to your LED TV. Connect the other end of the AV cables to the LED TV's AV in port to complete the connection.

FAQs -

How do I connect my set-top box to my TV without HDMI?

You can use any RCA audio cable, a composite video cable, or an HDMI to AV converter that can convert HDMI to audio-video.

How do I connect HDMI to my old TV?

You can use HDMI to AV convert to get AV output if your set-top box has only an HDMI port. Just use an RCA cable to connect with your TV.

How to connect a set-top box to the TV with AV?

If you have an AV port then use an RCA cable to connect directly Set-top box. If you don't have an RCA port in your box then you can buy HDMI to AV converter.

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