Freesat channels Freezing in S2X HEVC Set-Top Boxes! Why?

As you know Freesat Srilanka is Testing its Free TV channels. But most TV channels are not received by DVB-S2X HEVC Set-Top Boxes in India. Here you will know the right reason and how to resolve this issue.

Why are Freesat Srilanka Channels freezing?

We have tested different-2 FTA set-top box models to receive these channels and found most of the boxes are not suitable to receive this broadcast. 

STB Picture Freezing Reason -

Currently, in the Indian market, most of the latest FTA boxes are coming with DVB-2X with the default HEVC 8-bit decoder.

Almost all the boxes are able to receive the default HEVC channel which comes usually in 8 bits. Where 10 bit is a manual and special mode that provides more colors and uses low bandwidth.

To investigate this issue, we have checked Freesat Srilanka and found the following technical specs for broadcasting TV channels.

Freesat Srilanka is broadcasting TV channels using the latest technology on satellite systems (DVB-S2X), and it is telecasting using the latest HEVC / H.265 technology on 10bits.

8-bit vs. 10-bit Video | What are the Differences?

This difference can be found if you are watching an HD or 4K channel, and see nature's rainbow picture, then the color mixup looks like an original scene in 10bit HEVC encoding, where 8ft bit video little fade colors.

Why are Freesat Srilanka Channels freezing?

We have found another difference that 10-bit files were actually smaller than the 8-bit encoded files. (Used Recorded file by STB in USB Pendrive or TS Recording function)

If you want to see the difference then you should have 32cm or above size, Television set, Record TS, and play in a VLC player. See Codec information. is a special website exclusive to set-top boxes including Android TV Boxes, Google TV Boxes, and Android Smart TVs So that you can become a technical expert before buying these items, and feel the real world of entertainment.

Please note - Don't worry about that if you owned 8bit HEVC STB because all the Freesat temp free-to-air TV channels will be encrypted soon. 

But we don't have information about Prasar Bharati or which technology will use in Freedish in the future. Hope they might upgrade the Freedish platform to HEVC or S2X soon. It will be 8bit or 10bit, who knows.

You can read more technical information about Video players including Satellite boxes, Cable TV Box, and Internet TV Boxes (OTT/Android) from here.


Is HEVC 10 bit better?

HEVC allows 10-bit encoding so if the source is encoded using this parameter then it will definitely be better quality than the h. 265 encoded at 8 bits

Does 8-bit look better than 10bit?

More HEVC bit depth means more colors for detailed and high-quality videos. A 10-bit video holds more colors and shades than an 8-bit video.

Is 8bit vs 10bit noticeable?

No! While 10-bit reaches 1024 colors per channel, 8-bit will only reach 256 per channel. This means that 8-bit files will display 16.7 million colors, while 10-bit will display about 1.07 billion, which can be noticed in above 32cm LED TV, in HD or 4K channel.

What is HEVC 10bit?

HEVC 10bit means that the video footage is stored with 10 bits per color component (the usual standard is 8 bits, so 10 bits is higher quality standard).

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