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SOLID Replaced Set-Top Box HDS2-6042 to IT Box HDS2-6069
Solid SD-615 DVB-S, MPEG-2, Digital Set-Top Box
Solid HDS2-2100 DVB-S2 / MPEG-4 FTA Set-Top Box with Dolby Digital
Solid HDS2-3000 DVB-S2 / MPEG-4 Set-Top Box
Solid HDS2-9210 DVB-S2 / MPEG-4 Satellite Receiver
Solid HDS2-9300 DVB-S2 / MPEG-4 Satellite IR (Receiver)
Solid SD-939 DVB-S / MPEG-2 FTA Set-Top Box
SOLID HDS2-9057 Digital MPEG-4 / DVB-S2 / Full HD Set-Top Box